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Heavy duty metal shelving units

Resistance and top quality materials for an efficient and safe warehouse

By using made to measure heavy duty metal shelving units it is possible to use up every square inch of space in a warehouse, achieving optimal distribution of the goods according to organizational needs. In this way, loading and fetching operations are guaranteed to be easy.

The materials chosen by Logiss and their assembly make these shelves anti-seismic, safe and long-lasting. A vast range of accessories is also available, capable of meeting the most diverse requirements.

Solutions ideal for:

warehouses, workshops and retail shops
storage of very heavy goods and materials
obtaining fast access to products
automatic and standalone warehouses

All metal shelving units for warehouses

We offer our clients various kinds of metal shelving units for warehouses: miniload storage MPT shelving and NPT units with shelves, RPT shelving with profile for automated warehouses, SPT shelving with profile for automated and standalone warehouses, as well as custom structures featuring hot-rolled profiles.

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