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/ 24/05/2023

A new important project for Logiss

Logiss has recently signed an important agreement with a major Italian company active in the defence, aerospace and security sectors. A project to supply a series of sorters for a company that has made innovation and technological development its mission.

Efficiency and optimisation of internal logistics operations are key elements for the success of any company, especially those operating in the technology field. In this context, a fundamental tool is represented by sorters, devices capable of automating the process of sorting and classifying goods within a warehouse or distribution centre.

When it comes to choosing a partner or supplier for the purchase of a sorter, it is essential to rely on a reliable partner such as Logiss, which designs and produces devices that are 100% made in Italy.

First and foremost, product quality and reliability are fundamental aspects. Buying a sorter made in Italy means having the certainty of having a device built to the highest quality standards. Italian companies are known all over the world for their attention to detail and precision in manufacturing. This translates into sorters that work efficiently and durably, minimising downtime and guaranteeing greater productivity.

Working with Logiss also offers benefits in terms of after-sales service and support with prompt and professional service.

Logiss also offers a high degree of customisation and flexibility of its products. Know-how and continuous updating in terms of innovation allows Logiss to offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Design and production are carried out according to the specific requirements, making it possible to obtain a sorting system perfectly adapted to the needs and size of the company.