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Electric high-speed pallet lifts

Logiss chain conveyors are machines that can move at a very high speed, up to 1 m/s, and are equipped with roller tracks, catenaries, diverters or turntables.

They have a flexible configuration with the possibility of material infeed/outfeed on all 4 sides.

This type of machine must be integrated with other automatic loading systems, and is therefore sold individually as a quasi-machine ready for CE marking.

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Caratteristiche principali:

Self-supporting welded steelwork structure
Welded sides with 200x200 tubular columns
Tube bracing d=60
Flexible configuration with material input/output possibilities on all 4 sides
Lifting by means of 4 open-loop perimeter chains
Counterweight inside the columns to limit geared motor power
Single geared motor with mechanical transmission to the 4 chains
Single geared motor with mechanical transmission to the 4 chains
Sliding with guide wheels on the 4 perimeter columns
Coated wheels to limit noise
Lifting speed greater than 1m/s
Payload capacity 1700kg
Tubular movable platform 160x80 suitable for ‘standard’ transports
Minimum platform height 300mm
Upper structure height 20 m
Possibility of enclosing the entire tower with netting or panelling
Mobile platform can be made walkable with embossed plates
Possibility to have ladder and/or maintenance platform at the gearmotor
Continuous use 24/24 - 7/7