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Battery shuttle

Innovation and versatility for fast and safe storage

Flexy, the battery-operated satellite for multi-depth racking, can handle the loading, unloading and relocation of pallets in different channels and can be easily transported by forklift trucks and LGV shuttles and installed on stacker cranes.


Efficient handling of goods is a strategic component for the smooth running of a warehouse

Thanks to the development of automation, companies today can rely on state-of-the-art systems such as shuttles and shuttles, which can move at speed within the loading channels, guaranteeing precision and safety in storage and retrieval operations.
The Flexy automated pallet shuttle is the solution designed by Logiss, suitable for multiple warehouse solutions and ideal in high-density storage systems with a high number of references.

What is a shuttle?

The shuttle is one of the most important automated material handling tools

These systems are used in both automated and traditional multi-depth racking and warehouses to increase the number of references that can be handled.
What distinguishes them is first of all the management: in picking and depositing operations, the satellite can be guided through the channels by the operator using a remote control, or it can be managed by WMS (Warehouse Management System) software.


fast-moving consumer goods
highly perishable products
goods produced in batches


high-density storage system that also handles multiple codes on the same tunnel
ability to operate at temperatures between -30° and +35°
flexibility and scalability for number of shuttles and pallet sizes
reduced operating costs
increased storage speed
increased operational efficiency
space optimisation
reduced risk of accidents
reduced risk of damage to shelves and goods
low cost maintenance

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