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Pneumatic pop-up belt sorters for roller conveyors

The pop-up system is a powered belts module that can be added to Logiss roller conveyors. The pneumatic lifting system allows for almost immediate diversion.

By lengthening the belts it is possible to adapt the system to all roller conveyor widths, and by increasing the number of belts it can be adjusted also for very long packages.

Customization available on request.

Caratteristiche principali:

Goods conveyed
boxes from 400 to 900 mm wide
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
from 400 to 900
Min. top-of-roller height (mm)
Bonfiglioli (0.55kW + 0.55kW)
Speed (m/min)
Frame material
painted or galvanized steel
Paint colour
RAL 1004 polished golden yellow
Indicative sorting speed
2000 packages/hour