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Single garment towline overhead conveyors

The mechanized hanging garment conveyor without garment-holder trolleys

This conveyor has been named Duck Conveyor due to the shape of the towline hooks that pull the clothes hangers.

The Duck Conveyor transports single hanging garments, sorts them at high speed, reduces system management costs and almost cancels maintenance costs.

Via the specific pocket-shaped container fastened underneath the clothes hanger, flat garments such as shirts and T-shirts can be transported as if they were standard hanging garments.

Ideal for fast handling both in the production area and in the warehouse thanks to its exchange devices, this conveyor can perform automatic sorting at any point along the path. Completely industrialized, it consists of a single extruded aluminum profile that in addition to providing significant functionality is also very pleasing to look at, ideal for modern production plants.

Along with the shipping order preparation, the Duck Conveyor proves an excellent solution for creating distribution and logistics centers as well as automatic e-commerce warehouses.


Moving garments without trolleys has its advantages:

  • faster: moves more than 9,000 garments/hour;
  • fewer moving elements and therefore requires less maintenance;
  • possibility of creating an effective sorting system;
  • small conveyor size, which allows to create multi-level systems;
  • possibility of creating mechanized buffer areas for the accumulation of garments with automatic retrieval management;
  • excellent interlocking of warehouse corridors with automatic distribution and subsequent progress inside the isles using specific manual conveyors.

Duck Conveyor complies with Industry 4.0.

Caratteristiche principali:

Carrying capacity
over 9,000 items per hour
Automatic clothes sorting capability
over 5,000 items per hour
Power and free System
0.85 Kw per 100 mtl. of distance
Types of track
flat, uphill/downhill, curvilinear
Chain speed
adjustable from 12 to 60 m per minute (depending on routes)
Chain type
5/8″ special (Logiss patent)
Type of exchange
drawer with pneumatic drive (Logiss patent)
Composition of hanger rails
self-lubricating techno-plastic polymer
Chain slide rail composition
self-lubricating techno-plastic polymer
Motorised conveyor structure
extruded aluminium (Logiss design)
Handrail structures
extruded aluminium (Logiss design)