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Garment handling

Serving the fashion industry with professional know-how and quality since 1985.

Logiss designs and builds overhead conveyors for the handling of hanging garments and transporters for flat garments.


Logiss garment handling systems are based on 30 years of experience and of working for the major players of the fashion industry.

Ideal for warehouses

Optimal management of incoming/outgoing goods

Connection between various warehouse areas

Connection between warehouse and production area

Connection between different warehouses

Why choose Logiss box handling systems?

We design box handling systems based on each client’s specific needs. A customized circuit, after all, allows to optimize timing and achieve specific strength values for heavy or special loads.

Together with our clients, we design the most suitable solution by combining gravity rollers, including motor-driven and expandable units, belt conveyors and curve units with drive systems.

Our uniform design, along with the proven rationality and functionality of our solutions, provides clients with an aesthetically pleasing product that transforms the box handling systems into veritable "technical furniture" pieces.

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