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Automatic pallet handling

Customized systems, suitable also for heavy loads

Automatic pallet handling systems are used to convey goods among the various operational areas of a warehouse or to connect an automatic warehouse with the entry, sorting and shipping areas.

Logiss offers powered roller conveyors, chain conveyors, turntables and shuttles with built-in roller or chain conveyors, pneumatic deviators and hydraulic elevators. We offer our clients the option to customize every pallet handling line according to their specific needs.

Solutions ideal for:

transporting pallets up to 2000 kg
transporting standard and non-standard size pallets
transporting wood, steel and plastic pallets

Optimizing timing in a safe way

Our chain driven conveyor systems for pallets and roll containers feature excellent durability. Based on the average sizes of the pallets and on their weight, the conveyor systems are equipped with two or three chain lines. The high-speed shuttles instead allow to easily exchange goods between different and even quite distanced areas.

Logiss has put special care and focus on the accessories, the components and the finishes of the pallet handling lines, so as to be able to guarantee safe, reliable and durable systems

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