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High speed hydraulic elevators

Our hydraulic elevators with standalone structure are capable of reaching 1 m/sec speeds so as to achieve shorter cycle times. Acceleration and deceleration parameters are adjustable.

The automatic doors and muting barriers ensure maximum safety for operators. The highly reliable hydraulic system also means low maintenance requirements. In this case, no periodic inspections are required.

They can also be fully integrated with the latest generation of fire extinguishing systems.

According to need, we can also build into the system roller and chain conveyors, deviators and on-board turntables as well as multiple stops with loading/unloading in 3 directions.

Caratteristiche principali:

On request (extra charges are possible)
Good conveyed
pallets from 800 x 120 to 1200 x 1200
other measures
Length (mm)
other measures
Width (mm)
other measures
Min. top-of-roller height (mm)
other measures
Elevator length (mm)
from 3000 to 9000 (each 1000)
up to 21000
Bearing capacity (kg)
10 on roller/chain conveyor | 60 on elevator (1 m/s)
other higher or lower bearing capacities
Speed (m/min)
10 on roller/chain conveyor | 60 on elevator (1 m/s)
18 on roller conveyor, other speeds
Frame material
painted or galvanized steel
hot-galvanized steel or stainless steel
Paint colour
RAL 1004 polished golden yellow
RAL 3020 polished traffic red | RAL 5010 polished gentian blue | Other colours
galvanized, with double sprocket, Ø60 up to 1000 Kg - Ø89 up to 1500 kg
C/C roller spacing
165.1 (D60) – 166.7 (D89)
152.4 – Other sizes
double chain 5/8” C990 with 2 chains C495+495 with 3 chains
C280 - Other sizes
Built-in conveyance motor
Bonfiglioli (0.z55 kW) and others
Motovario - SEW Eurodrive
standalone support, applicable guide flanges, photoelectric cell holder
OTHER FEATURES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. With fifth wheels and built-in deviators, for example