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Handling of boxes

Functionality, speed, aesthetics

As regards the handling of packages and boxes, Logiss offers a complete line of solutions under the name of "Logiss BoxMover" containing gravity and driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors with various kinds of belts and specific accessories, such as deviators, centring devices and stops.

The Logiss BoxMover system features standardized components such as side skirtings, traverses and legs for motor-driven and gravity roller conveyors as well as for belt conveyors. In this way it is possible to obtain a non-stop conveyor line the visually appears to be a continuous element.


Ideal for warehouses

Excellent management of incoming and outgoing goods
Connection between the warehouse’s different areas
Connection of the warehouse with the production area
Connection between different warehouses
Feeding lines to production
Feeding lines to palletizing lines

Why choose the Logiss box handling system

We design box handling systems built according to each client's specific requirements: a customized circuit, in fact, results in better cycle timing and achieve specific resistance to heavy or special loads.

We built the most suitable system together with the client: by combining gravity or motor-driven and expandable rollers, belt conveyors and curve units with drive systems.

Our uniform designing process, in addition to proven rationality and functionality, allows us to obtain an aesthetically pleasing product that transforms the Logiss box handling system into veritable "technical furniture".

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