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Shuttles with built-in roller or chain conveyors

The shuttle, positioned on rails and driven by an electric motor, is used to movie pallets in a practical and fast way, to as to enhance industrial automation and reduce operational costs. The shuttles can connect warehouses, work divisions, production areas, and are especially useful when the plants have various pallet fetching and deposit stations.

Usually made to order, shuttles can be for one or more pallet positions. The motors, reducers, wheel types, tracks, etc. are based on the conveyor system’s characteristics. The shuttles also have floor-imbedded rails for allowing the passage of transport vehicles.

Caratteristiche principali:

Goods conveyed
pallets from 800x1200 to 1200x1200 mm
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
1000 – 1200 – 1400
Min. top-of-roller height (mm)
580 with roller conveyor – 540 with chain conveyor
Bonfiglioli (0.55 kW – 0.75 kW)
Speed (m/min)
from 60 to 360
Frame material
painted or galvanized steel
Paint colour
RAL 1004 Polished golden yellow
galvanized, with double sprocket Ø60 up to 1000 Kg - Ø89 up to 1500 Kg
Double 5/8” chain
Roller spacing (mm)
165.1 rollers
Chain C/C (mm)
C990 2 chains, C495+495 3 chains | C990 with 2 chains, C495+495 with 3 chains
applicable guide flanges, photoelectric cell holder