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Hanging garment trolley overhead conveyors

The system for moving hanging garments that uses garment-holding trolleys that move along rails, the most popular system in use.
We offer two types of solutions:

  1. Manual system with manually pulled or pushed gravity-assisted rails (manual conveyors)
  2. Mechanized system with motor-driven towing (dual-rail conveyor).

The mechanized dual-rail trolley transport systems, also known as B28 conveyors, are highly reliable systems that are highly cost-competitive. With their installation, manpower costs are reduced to zero and therefore resources can be used for added value activities, resulting in an obvious increase in savings. The current B28 conveyors are the result of constant research and development that has contributed to their evolution.

The same system with only manual rails is the most convenient solution but also requires higher management costs.

With a view to Industry 4.0, the addition of a mechanized system makes the purchase of these solutions a sustainable and significantly convenient investment.

The towline chains with nylon bearings make this conveyor system very silent and therefore especially suited for workplace installations.


POWER AND FREE SYSTEM: this is the name that identifies the mechanised systems with towline and hooks that can release the trolleys at any point along the path and retrieve them again automatically. This system allows for temporary accumulation of the trolleys under the motorized conveyor that stays in motion. The power and free solution therefore allows access to the handling system contemporarily in different areas of the chain’s path.

The B28 system comes with automatic and manual exchangers that send the trolleys to different destinations by making them change path and make exchanges with other circuits.

Accessory to B28:

  • telescopic elements for making the trolleys enter/exit the trucks automatically or on request, so as to speed up the loading-unloading operations;
  • Mechanized descent machines for inserting the garments into the shipping cases, thereby significantly increasing package production (can arrive up to 60 cases/ hour per manned station);
  • Other accessories, such as stops, deviators, fall-protection devices, etc..

Caratteristiche principali:

Type of trolley rail
Tube Ø 1″ galvanised
Composition of upper chain slide rail
two half-shells of press-folded sheet steel assembled with pitch flanges
Towing hooks
plastic moulded in two elements (power and free system)
bi-planar type with galvanised steel bearing mesh, nylon coated bearings Ø 28 mm
Traction unit
caterpillar drive with max. 2 kW motorisation
Handling capacity per motor unit
more than 250 mtl of chain
Trolley exchanges
manual or pneumatically servo-assisted needle valves
Switch drive control
manual pneumatic or automatic pneumatic with electronic control
Electronic control
by reading the trolley identification code
Trolley routing
manual or automatic
Number of exchanges per installation
undetermined number
Chain speed
12 m/min
Number of trolleys carried
standard 300 trolley/hour, max 360 trolley/hour
Carrying capacity
Approx. 18 items per trolley equal to 5400/6500 items/hour
bogie wheels for life; bi-planar chain 5 years; code detection stations 5 years; drive unit 5 years