/ Integrations for warehouses

Flexy battery shuttles

Flexy, the new multiple depth rack shuttle, can handle the loading, unloading and relocation of pallets in different channels and can be easily transported by forklift trucks and LGV shuttles and installed on stacker cranes. Flexy is operated with a special remote control for manual operations or by a warehouse management system (WMS).

Caratteristiche principali:

Flexible pallet transport up to 1500 kg
Low maintenance
Integrated system
Eight wheels for better traction and weight distribution
Maximum capacity
1500 kg
Type of load / Pallet
Driving speed at full load
0,65 m/s
No-load running speed
1,1 m/s
Lifting time
3 s
Number of wheels
Wheel diameter
Wheel drive
Individual motor drive with chain transmission
Shuttle weight
300 kg
Front side
1200 mm
Lifting stroke
45-50 mm
Operating temperature
Power supply
Lithium battery system
System to control position on racking
System based on infrared photocells (system that best adapts to existing shelves)