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/ 31/10/2022

ESG criteria and automation: the new Bracchi plant

Bracchi is one of the leading transport companies in Italy, Europe and around the world.

In collaboration with and with the support of Logiss, Bracchi has set up an automated system at its plant in the province of Bergamo. For Bracchi, automation is the key to improving the safety of its sites and giving its people the opportunity to express their potential and skills in other activities where the added value is greater.

The installation, initially realised for fashion products, has the following objectives

  • guarantee better working conditions for the operators involved;
  • improve hourly productivity;
  • increase the quantity of goods handled.

The design of this plant is part of a path consistent with the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria that Bracchi has been implementing for some years now. It is now evident how 'green practices' and environmental sustainability are linked to a company's performance and success. This is an increasingly important entrepreneurial and organisational challenge that companies are increasingly taking on with greater commitment. In this perspective, logistics, and in particular automated logistics, plays an important if not fundamental role. The objective is in fact to increase production capacity without investing in expansions or new plants, to bring operational availability to its maximum, to avoid unplanned downtime, waste with the variability of the final product and failures in production control (due to the lack of real-time information for decision-makers).