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/ 26/04/2024

Flexy: the solution for high-density storage

Speed, precision and safety for goods handling

In the panorama of warehouse systems, Flexy from Logiss stands out as an innovative and versatile solution that optimises the storage and handling of goods. This battery-operated satellite, designed for multiple depth racking, is the answer for intralogistics automation.

Flexy: features and benefits

Flexy stands out for its ability to autonomously manage the loading, unloading and relocation of pallets within different channels. Its mobility makes it easily transportable by forklifts and LGV shuttles, while its compatibility with stacker cranes further extends its field of application.

With Flexy, companies can benefit from significant advantages:
  • Increased speed in warehouse operations: Flexy operates with speed and accuracy, guaranteeing an optimal workflow and reducing goods handling times.
  • Maximum accuracy: The automated system eliminates the risk of human error, ensuring high accuracy in storage and retrieval operations.
  • Improved safety: Flexy is equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems that prevent accidents and ensure the protection of operators and goods.
  • Optimisation of warehouse space: The Flexy's multiple depth configuration makes the best use of available space, increasing storage capacity.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Flexy integrates seamlessly with different warehouse configurations and can be adapted to multiple needs.
Flexy: the ideal solution for high-density storage

Flexy is the ideal solution for companies that handle a high number of references and require high-density storage systems. Its efficiency, precision and safety make it a valuable ally for optimising warehouse operations and increasing productivity.

Logiss: a reliable partner for intralogistics automation

With Flexy, Logiss confirms its leading position in intralogistics automation. The company offers a complete range of innovative, customised solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each customer.

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