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/ 07/05/2024

Logiss and technical training

A significant aspect to highlight is Logiss' commitment to providing customised training directly in the field. On Monday 6 May, a group of collaborators operating in central and southern Italy had the opportunity to participate in a dedicated training session, highlighting the company's specific attention to the needs of its partners distributed throughout the country.

These sessions not only offer a practical and targeted experience in understanding technical solutions such as Flexy, but also represent a valuable opportunity to create a closer bond between Logiss and its collaborators in the field, thus consolidating a widespread and reliable support network throughout Italy.

In the increasingly complex and technologically advanced world of logistics, training has indeed become a key milestone for business success. Particularly crucial is the approach to technical training for products with a high technical content, as in the case of Logiss' Flexy battery-operated satellite for multiple depth racking.

With the advent of new technologies and changing market needs, companies are facing increasingly complex challenges in supply chain management and internal logistics. In this context, innovative solutions such as Flexy offer unprecedented opportunities to optimise warehouse operations and improve overall efficiency.

The crucial role of training

However, owning an advanced technology solution is not enough to maximise its benefits. It is essential that employees and business partners working with these products fully understand their functionalities and are able to use them effectively. This is where the customised training provided by Logiss comes in.

Logiss' customised training sessions

Logiss, aware of the importance of training, organises tailor-made sessions designed to provide customers and partners with detailed knowledge of the product catalogue, with a focus on advanced solutions such as Flexy. These sessions not only explain the features and functionality of the products, but also provide practical guidance on how to use them optimally within each customer's operating environment.

Case study: Flexy, the battery-operated satellite for shelving

A prime example of the importance of technical training is Flexy, Logiss' battery-operated multiple-depth racking satellite. This innovative device is capable of handling a wide range of operations, including loading, unloading and relocation of pallets in different storage channels. Furthermore, its ease of transport and installation makes it a flexible solution that is highly adaptable to the specific needs of each warehouse.

Benefits of technical training for Flexy and other Logiss products

Dedicated technical training for products like Flexy brings a number of tangible benefits for companies:
  1. Maximised operational efficiency: properly trained staff are able to take full advantage of Flexy's advanced functionality to optimise workflows and reduce material handling times.
  2. Reduced operating costs: a proper understanding of how to use Flexy helps reduce errors and accidents on the job, contributing to lower overall operating costs.
  3. Improved customer satisfaction: efficient use of technology solutions like Flexy results in more reliable and timely services to customers, thus improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.