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/ 27/07/2022

Logistics and automation in large-scale retail trade

On Thursday 21 July 2022, at PTP Science Park in Lodi, CRAI Italia hosted a conference on logistics and automation in large-scale retailing. A training event dedicated to all CRAI-affiliated distribution centres distributed in the various Italian regions.

Among the speakers was Alberto Foscarini, managing director of Logiss srl, who, together with other operators in the sector, brought the experience of the Logiss team and described the "goods to man" management systems for both single parcels and stratified pallets.

The "goods to man" principle is a picking method made possible by automated warehouse technology or robots that allows operators to receive what is required in a fixed, ergonomic position without having to move around the warehouse. 

This is a picking system that has some important advantages:

  • significant increase in the productivity of employees who can take care of tasks requiring greater added value;
  • limitation of the possibility of incurring accidents due to dangerous movements during picking or pouring;
  • reduced risk of picking the wrong goods;
  • reduced risk of damage to the goods handled.

The new CRAI plant designed and built by Logiss for F.lli Ibba in Sardinia was also presented to the audience during the meeting. A project that had to cope with some criticalities of the location, but which had to guarantee an intralogistics system capable of
  • increase the accommodation potential and the consequent CUS (coefficient of utilisation of the surface area);
  • reduce the movement of operators and trolleys by switching to a "goods to man" system.

To respond to these and other needs, Logiss proposed an intensive storage system, connected to the rest of the layout by means of one or more roller conveyors to convey IN and OUT flows to the system itself.