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/ 06/12/2023

New sorting plant for Logiss

Logiss has recently delivered a new parcel sorting plant for an important customer in the logistics sector.

The plant, realised at the new operational headquarters in Malo in the province of Vicenza, consists of an automatic parcel sorting line. The line consists of an automatic package identification system, a package lifting and transport system, a package distribution system to the various shipping channels, and a control and supervision system.

The system was custom-designed and built to meet the specific needs of the customer who required a high level of flexibility and modularity.

The plant will enable the customer to improve the efficiency of its logistics operations, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

The main benefits of the parcel sorting plant are as follows
  • increased productivity;
  • cost reduction: the plant is more energy efficient and labour costs are reduced
  • improved reliability and safety: the plant is designed to be reliable and ensure continuous operation while meeting the highest safety standards.