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/ 10/04/2024

Two new plants for the automotive sector

Logiss recently announced a major project to acquire and manufacture two new sorter systems for a leading automotive parts company. These automated sorting systems promise to double the efficiency of e-commerce operations, improving security and optimising work across the customer's warehouses.

Project details

The project includes the design and implementation of two sorter plants, one located in Northern Italy and the other in Southern Italy. These plants will have the capacity to handle 2500 and 3500 packages per hour respectively, with 13 and 15 outlets each. The complete automation will involve all 10 customer sites within two years, with the aim of extending the automation process to the other plants in Italy by 2027.

Benefits for the customer

The new sorter systems will ensure greater efficiency in the parcel sorting process, reducing delivery times and increasing customer satisfaction. Thanks to the automation of operations, the risk of accidents for operators will be reduced, thus improving overall safety in the warehouse. Furthermore, the high level of automation will free operators from repetitive tasks, allowing them to concentrate on more strategic activities.

Impact on industry

This project represents a major step forward in the evolution of logistics in the automotive and e-commerce industries. The combination of advanced technologies and complete automation will allow the client to remain competitive in an ever-changing market, improving its ability to handle large volumes of orders and guarantee fast and reliable delivery times.

This project represents a new confirmation for Logiss Srl's commitment to offering innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the logistics and automation sector.