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/ 25/08/2023

From Rovereto to the Middle East: «Tailor-made software and hardware»

by Enrico Pruner

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Expansion into foreign markets and technological development. These are the cornerstones around which revolve the present and future of Logiss, the Rovereto-based company focused on the design and production of systems for the internal handling and automatic sorting of goods. The company is following the path of expansion with very few brakes, as confirmed by the numbers: Alberto Costa, CEO, reports that from 2020 to today turnover has tripled and that, according to forecasts, "Logiss will close this year at around 10 million euros". The number of employees is also subject to the same multiplier: 'In 2019 the staff consisted of just 12 people. Today we are at 36 and aim to reach 40 employees by the end of the year".

International markets

The systems Logiss offers, designed and manufactured entirely in the Rovereto plant, are used across industries: from the food to the pharmaceutical sector, passing through the packaging, clothing and furniture sectors. "We are fortunate to operate in a growing sector," continues the director, "but we have the merit of having refined the business model and worked on a wide range of products, focusing on offering complete solutions. A winning bet, at least judging by the resonance that Logiss has acquired internationally. In 2022, the Rovereto-based company won an order in the Middle East for the construction of a large plant worth EUR 3.5 million, a first supply concluded in North America, and consolidation activities in Europe as well, through important partnerships especially in Greece. "This year we took part in the world's biggest trade fair in the sector, in Germany," Costa recounts, "It was an opportunity to get feedback from the foreign markets". Yet internationalisation does not seem to be a recipe only for the present: «This will be the key to the company's future. First and foremost to gain market share, but pushing outside the borders also produces comparison and leads to gaining skills in the company. Which is equally important'. The open road is therefore that of enhancing internal efficiency, which is why 'we have created a function that we call 'sales engineering' here, consisting of a team that studies complete solutions through accumulated experience».

New projects

This autumn, Costa reveals, a new battery-powered handling system for moving pallets within warehouses will go into production. Machines, these, that have a solid software department at their base. It is no coincidence, therefore, that in the company's growth project, the declared objective is also the acquisition of further competences in the IT sector: "It is our vanguard. We are setting up a real division within Logiss'. This is not a new objective, but a renewed one: back in 2012, Logiss set up EcoSpazio, an internal division dedicated to the world of software and which aims to offer sustainable e-mobility solutions. The EcoSpazio brand is now worth around EUR 1.2 million per year. «With EcoSpazio we focus on the software part but also on the hardware, infrastructural, such as recharging stations,» Costa explains. «We have also been involved in an important project in Ferrara: we have developed and produced a particular smarthub project in Rovereto, a centre that offers citizens not only a point where they can recharge their electric bicycles, but also other services such as a defibrillator». General tests, it seems, in view of projects that will involve the province of Trento: «We are working on platforms and apps for the management and, above all, the sharing of sustainable mobility services».