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/ 18/04/2024


A little less than a month away from Logimat 2024, the main international trade fair dedicated to the world of intralogistics, Logiss srl signs another international success by signing a strategic partnership with Storcan Ltd. in North America at Modex, the reference exhibition event for the United States and Canada. During the three-day event in Stuttgart, the Logiss team met with players of world calibre, confirming its commitment to long-standing customers and suppliers and giving the go-ahead for new international collaborations on a commercial level from India to the Middle East via Eastern Europe. An important opportunity, that of Logimat, which made Trentino's excellence count outside its borders.

Since the end of February, moreover, Logiss srl can also boast in its product portfolio those of the new automation division represented by SerTech Elettronica srl, acquired by the holding company H* Industries S.r.l., in which the shareholders of Logiss srl had already conferred the right of full ownership of the company shares with the aim of giving shape to a group of made-in-Italy excellence

The acquisition of SerTech Elettronica srl, a company that designs and manufactures electrical panels, electronic equipment, and software for industrial automation and that operates in the field of robotics, designing and building work islands for the most diverse uses, was an important goal that will allow Logiss srl to offer its customers customised turnkey solutions and open up new opportunities for growth and development.

These important goals achieved in recent months by Logiss srl, are the result of teamwork by a group of people who have believed in the project and who every day work with passion and professionalism to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, goals that are supported by a solid and sustainable growth plan. If, in fact, Logiss' turnover has tripled since 2020 (from 3.6 mln in 2020 to 10.3 mln in 2023), this has been possible thanks to a recruitment plan, still in progress, which has increased the staff from 15 employees in 2020 to 40 in 2023. What Logiss srl offers its employees is a young and dynamic working environment with the possibility of being part of a stimulating growth project. The company, in fact, provides its employees with a full training calendar to integrate and implement their skills. Flexible working hours and a company welfare plan have meant that the so-called 'pink quotas' have come to represent one third of employees: a figure much higher than the national average in the sector, which is 20.9%. This figure is not the result of calculations or strategies but of the careful evaluation of skills and passion.

"The success of Logiss srl," explains Managing Director Alberto Costa, "is the result of a complex equation in which each variable has its own specific weight. Undoubtedly, Logiss employees represent the beating heart of the company, the engine that constantly pushes the company forward. Their commitment, dedication and professionalism are the lifeblood that fuels our growth. But we cannot forget the context in which we operate: the territory that surrounds us is an integral part of our identity and success. We have deep roots in this community and are proud to be part of it. Every achievement is the result of shared sacrifices and hard work, but above all of a collective determination to overcome obstacles. Looking to the future, we will continue to walk together, aware that our successes will always be the fruit of a common commitment and a shared vision without forgetting our origins".